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the founder


Ori AKA Mr. Wolf

He has been an innovator and leader in the global cannabis industry since 2001 building his businesses from the ground up.
A brave visionary with extensive international cannabis experience. A highly experienced cannabis breeder and farmer that has bred 1000's of cannabis genetic lines. A former chef with diverse military background that has established and managed countless cannabis facilities and businesses around the world.
His expertise has been sought after by many licensed producers and business owners for his immense knowledge in implementing cannabis production systems, training and directing staff, implementing security measures, inventory control, genetic research & development, Product research & development and more. Inventor of Perfect Terps a revolutionary organic fertilizer which allows cultivators to grow at a fraction of the cost.

"For me, The craftsmanship of fine cannabis is a calling and a deed of the highest importance. It brings health and joy
To the body, Mind and soul, It unites, Brings people together and contributes to a comprehensive cannabis culture."

Founder & CEO


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